America’s Most Innovative Oral Care Company Announces The Arrival Of Its New President/CEO

March 7, 2018 - Emerging leader in the U.S. oral care industry, ORALOGICA, LLC, proudly announces the appointment of its President/CEO, Mindi Osborn.

Mindi Osborn is a well respected and highly accomplished senior executive in consumer products with a flawless track record of elevating startups, improving profit growth and strategic market domination with a specialty in transforming concepts into actionable and sustainable realities that revolutionize business landscapes.

She was tapped personally by AirWare Labs Corp. to devise and execute a strategic 5 year company road map to drive the company mission, objectives, revenue, profitability, and organizational growth. She directed all aspects of the Company including but not limited to operations, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, sales, engineering and accounting.

“I am delighted to be working with the ORALOGICA team, many of whom I’ve worked together with on previous retail products from conception to international distribution,” says Osborn.  “This product line will change the face of oral care as we know it today and I am honored to participate in bringing a truly scientific, organic and healthy alternative to consumers who are concerned about what chemicals they may be exposed to”.

David Dolezal, founder of ORALOGICA states “Ms. Osborn’s business savvy and tremendous experience will catapult ORALOGICA’s rapid growth.  She will implement a “take no prisoners” approach to many oral care competitors as she exposes them with their own warning labels and lists of ingredients”.

ORALOGICA is an emerging personal-care products company created with an unwavering dedication to providing consumers with various oral products truly natural and organic, safe and highly effective. ORALOGICA has a breakthrough, patent-pending technology which enables it to eliminate all harmful substances currently used in other mouthwash brands on the market. Its great-tasting RINSE contains no added stabilizers, thickeners, artificial flavors or dyes.

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